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Mommy Goes to Work at the Hospital: DAISY Foundation Special Bundle

Celebrating moms in healthcare, the story makes your roles relatable and fun for little ones. Enjoy two copies at an exclusive 35% off the original price of $39.99, now available for $25.99. One's for you, the other to share with loved ones or colleagues. 

Single copy available here:


Join a community of readers who love the first award-winning book in the Mommy Goes To Work series. 

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Jossy, the author, with Jenny, her delivery room nurse

"I love my job as a nurse, but it’s heartbreaking to leave home for night shifts and tell my young kids that mommy is leaving to take care of others."

Jenny, my delivery room nurse, shared this honest insight with me hours before I welcomed my first child to the world. Her words inspired the creation of this story for all the medical professional moms out there.

This imaginative story brings readers through mom’s day at the hospital while drawing parallels with her child’s day at school. Mommy Goes To Work at the Hospital is written and illustrated by two working moms. Like every book in the series, it’s designed to:


  • Strengthen bonds between working moms and their children

  • Calm kids’ separation anxiety

  • Ease mom guilt

  • Spark kids’ imagination about what they can grow up to be



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